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Whenever I go on social networks, I can’t help but notice that Christians tend to drift into two extremes. Some people are very good at sharing the truth about sin but lousy at demonstrating the love of God. Others are all about loving everyone but do so to the detriment of truth. But truth and love are of equal importance.
The story is about two men who owe a debt a creditor, one 50 denarii and the other 500 denarii. In Matthew 20:2, Jesus uses an example of a laborer working in a vineyards for one denarius per day. So, we can assume that in this parable, one owed fifty days wages and the other five hundred days wages. Each debtor owes a considerable sum for that time period but one owed substantially more than he other. However, in this parable, both debts were forgiven by the creditor, regardless of the amount owed.