A Closer Walk With Thee

I sang the song, “Just a closer walk with thee” many times and there was a moment when I had uttered those words with all sincerity, but, in that moment, when those words first left my lips, I had absolutely no way of comprehending the magnitude of what I was asking. Standing, now, on the other side of that prayer, I must warn you. If you are truly sincere, God will answer that prayer. And it should scare the socks off you. Because it isn’t until He begins to actually draw you closer to Him that you start to realize just how much stuff you have placed between Him and yourself, or worse yet, how painful it can be to have it removed.

You see, God isn’t at all satisfied with the outer surface of you heart. He desires to enter into the hidden chambers, flooding each and every compartment with His holy presence. He wants all of you. If you truly want a closer walk with God, there is a cost. That cost is everything. But, in the end, you will come to realize, though you surrendered all, you lost nothing.

Abraham obeyed the Lord by taking his son up Mount Moriah to sacrifice him as a burnt offering. All of his hopes, regarding the very promises of God, were upon that boy, yet he obeyed, having faith that God would do all that He had promised. He trusted the Lord and he was rewarded for his faith. God spared his son and provided another sacrifice.

A closer walk with God will ask more of you than you alone can bear…but that’s the point. It is only when you are at the end of yourself and all your worldly securities are stripped away that you can turn empty-handed to the God, Who has never left your side, and say, “You are all I need. Your grace truly is sufficient.”

We tend to only see that which we are asked to give up but how much more is the God, who created the entire universe and everything in it, willing to give those he calls His children. We lose nothing by surrendering everything. But we gain a deeper, closer relationship with our eternal Father, the Giver of all good things.

The best path isn’t always the easiest, nor the the safest, but it is the one with the greatest reward.

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