More Than Ear Scratching

More Than Ear Scratching

My wife and I used to have two cats. They weren’t exactly lap cats. In fact, they didn’t even want to be near anyone’s lap. They were pretty independent. Every once in a while they would come by for an ear scratching or to let you know that they were hungry. Usually, they’d just watch you from a safe distance. They wanted to be near you but never to be held. From time to time, they might allow themselves to be held for a fleeting moment just before a darting escape. Despite their anxiety, we loved them both. Of course we wished that we could get them past their anxiety but we realized that all we could really do was just love them.

You know, we’re not that much different from those cats. God is always there, arms extended, wanting to share His love with us. But sometimes bad feelings and misunderstandings get in the way, so we keep our distance. We might pick up a bible once in a while or pause on a sermon while flipping through the channels. Just enough to get our ears scratched and then we put the book down and we turn the channel. It’s safer at a distance. Can’t get hurt that way. But what kind of relationship is that? Any relationship worth having takes faith. It requires trusting completely in another person. And I get that it can be a lot to ask when you can’t see the One you’re supposed to trust. But, how are you going to know the joy of being held if you won’t risk being hurt, or worse yet, looking foolish?

And as far as not seeing God goes, if you look hard enough, you’ll see Him. You just need see beyond what you think you’re seeing. God’s always there. You’ve just overlooked Him. Take a moment, even if you feel stupid, and ask God to open your eyes, so you can see things for how they truly are. You’ll be amazed at what a simple moment of faith will do. Take a chance, let go and fall into the arms of grace. I promise, you won’t regret it.

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