Oh Foolish Galatians.

I bet it was pretty difficult for the Galatians to hear Paul say, “Oh foolish Galatians. Who has bewitched you?” No one wants to be challenged. But the Galatians were guilty of leaving the teachings of Paul, regarding the grace of God, and had turned to the works of the law. That caused Paul to speak up, saying, “Having begun in the Spirit, are you now being perfected in the flesh?” Paul was genuinely concerned for the Galatians. His seemingly harsh words were not directed out of hatred, but out of heartfelt love. He was concerned, not only for their own walk with Christ, but those who would potentially be led into a false gospel of grace + the works of the Law. Paul had to say something to get their attention, because he loved them and was worried for them, like a parent, who finds drugs in his child’s room. Paul, being raised and trained in Judaism, and being a former persecutor of the Church, knew, firsthand, how easy it is to be ensnared by the heavy demands of legalism. It would be like a former drug user finding those drugs in his child’s room. Paul had been there. He knew the dangers. He had to speak up, for the sake of those he parented over, the church at Galatia.

We may not want to speak up. It may not always be popular to speak up. But sometimes we must speak up, not out of hate, but out of loving concern for those who are in danger of being led astray. We must stand up for “grace through faith” because it is the only way anyone has or ever will be saved. None of us deserve it but we absolutely must defend it. It is our only hope. Jesus is our only hope.

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