Praying Hands

The Reason I Overcome

There are so many reasons to live in fear but one very important reason not to. GOD. After all, recent events have taught me two things. One, I have no idea what the future holds for me and my family. I may live another 50 years. I could die tomorrow. The same applies to every member of my family. If I place my faith in my health or anyone else’s, I’m going to be disappointed. My health will eventually fail me. It’s inevitable. And the second thing is that I am more aware today of my own frailty and utter dependence upon God than ever before. I may not know what my immediate future holds but I know for certain WHO holds my future. My eternity is firmly held in the hands of God.

I get that some of you disagree. You think God is nothing more than a delusion, a happy little fairy tale for adults. And that is fine. You’re entitled to your beliefs. I have no desire to manipulate or brainwash you into embracing my own beliefs. But, even if this is a delusion (and I don’t believe it is), it’s the best thing that has ever happened to me. I have a hope that rains down like flood over me, drowning out my fears. Without it, I’d be a mess. Maybe you are stronger than me, but I need God, everyday, just to breathe. He’s carried me through many trials and heartbreaks and I’m sure he’ll carry me through many more.

God knows I’m not perfect. I haven’t always faithfully represented Him. I’ve fallen short many times but He has never failed me and He never will. He loves me when I’m up, when I’m down, when I stand and when I fall. He’s not fickle like me. He’s steady all the time. In fact, He steadies me. I don’t have to desperately hold on to Him, as if it’s by my strength I overcome. It’s God who is firmly holding on to me. He is the reason I overcome. So, if I am indeed crazy, I’ve never been more happy and thankful to be so.

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